About Digmata EMD Entertainment

Success. Thats every man's dream. Digmata Entertainment/ EMD Entertainment is putting in hard work to make there dream a reality. With strong support from the underground and a large catalogue of music. They are in position to send shockwaves thru the mainstream music industry with the midwest on their back. With an artist roster strong in hip hop/R and B. The labels future looks strong and solid. The label was formed under the leadership of KeVon, "DIGMATA" Tyler and Kevin "Big Kev" Burton after David "KING DAVE" lost his life. With a strong motivation to keep the KING DAVE'S legacy alive. The EMD team has been hitting the studio hard and maintaining a serious presence on the underground circuit. The future looks bright for the team with an attitude and swag that is like no other. Keep your ears open because this team is about to make some serious noise on the national stage. With the slogan E.M.D. its every mans dream eat my d*** if u ain't down with the team. Pay attention y'all these gentlemen and ladies are serious. EMD FOR LIFE.

Digmata EMD